Local Track Of The Week

At the start of 2019 we ran a series of posts reviewing local music. Once we reopen we will definitely bring it back! In the meantime, check out our old recommendations!

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Arts Bar Podcast Ep.13

What a year! We thought we'd finish it off with a couple of podcasts. A Christmas and New Year Special.

Wilsons back in charge and this week he wanted to test us with three games that would also be a look back at 2020 as well as starting 2021 in the right way!

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Arts Bar Live #10 – Sola

Welcome to Arts Bar Live; remember, give us a like/subscribe if you like live local musicians! First episode of season 2! The bar isn't open yet but we're still bringing you some amazing talent. Here's the wonderful SOLA!

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Arts Bar Live Miniseries

New Artists - New Platform - New Music

Arts Bar Live is our exciting project with new artists and their take on the music scene. Filmed and recorded live at the Liverpool Arts Bar, follow and like to keep up to date on up and coming original music! Ben & Wilson talk you through every act! Listen here...

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Arts Bar Podcast

Come and listen to all our previous episodes of the podcast all in one place!

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