Our Story

The Arts Bar was founded in 2019 by four friends...

A musician, an actor, a ballroom & latin dancer and a theatre technician. As artists ourselves we understood the importance of a creative hub that supports grassroots art in our city.

For years we had run the Liverpool Arts Society...

A platform that aimed to connect creatives of all kinds to share ideas and collaborate on projects. Passionate about the development of new work we were desperate to open a space that could offer grassroots artists a platform to celebrate and showcase their work.

Since opening our doors in July 2019 we have done what we can to support grassroots artists aross the region. We hang and sell local art work, we promote local artists and their projects both in venue and online, and host a wide variety of events, like art classes, single launches, film screenings, open mics, and more.

Our second floor is complete with purpose built rehearsal studios perfect for dance, theatre and art classes. You will also find band practice rooms. office spaces. and a podcast studio. Below the venue, in what used to be a stockroom, you will find a 40 seater blackbox performance space, set up for the showing of comedy, poetry, sketch theatre, script readings, and more. On the top floor, in what was an unused dining room. an 80 seater performance space, for more large scale productions, gigs and events.

We are passionate about making use of the space available to us to provide platforms for artists to develop and showcase their work and are proud that we have been able to do that in this building.

We also do our best to employ emerging artists. Our bar team consists of dancers, actors, musicians, film makers, artists & more. We understand the important role the hospitality industry plays for artists. The flexible work patterns, afford us time to focus on rehearsals, shows and other projects. Whilst also offering us the opportunity to be creative in our role.

Our team are the absolute life of this building, passionate about the venue and the artists in it. Without them, none of this would be possible.