One Year On… An open letter to our regulars.

What a crazy year that was. Did anyone see that coming? Well, we know some people did. We've seen the documentaries. But what we mean is, like, WOW! Didn't expect that. All things aside, we didn't just take yesterday as a day of reflection, we have been reflecting for the last 365 days and if we're honest... In some bizarre way, it has helped.

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One Fell Swoop's latest newsletter features:

Africa Oyé's female stars shining brightly.

Milap's Music for the Mind & Soul concert series continuing to thrive in its new digital format.

Liverpool Arts Bar's newest season of Arts Bar Live.

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Life is but a dream with Munkey Junkey in this weeks full ‘Library Session’

Life is but a dream with Munkey Junkey in this amazing library session. We've seen him grow as a musician over lockdown and absolutely love these versions of the old tracks and are so excited to hear the produced new songs! Listen to hear the unique sound that he brought to the Arts Bar...

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We’re going to Belgium!!!

Episode 16 of the podcast takes you to Belgium.

We’re continuing our tour around the world in 4 episodes. We started with South Korea and to come is Russia and Cananda.

Click to find out about: Mike Myers, Brewdog, Audrey Hepburn and of course the mascot for the episode Mannequin Pis.

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Nat Kelly takes us back to those Friday Nights, under the lights.

Are you, like us, dreaming of those famous Friday nights, circa 2019? Longing for an ice cold pint of Mahou with your mates or a cocktail or ten with absolute strangers at the bar. All accompanied by the perfect soundtrack of classic banger after banger that you just can't help but sing a long to. Well, this weeks 'Library Session' has taken us right back to that special place. 

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Library Sessions – Lily Almond

Kicking off our new 'Library Sessions' we had the fabulous Lil. Check out her amazing voice

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We’re Going to Korea!

We took a virtual trip to Korea to visit Love Land and see our favourite band BLACKPINK, see how we got on...

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A Week Of Events

To celebrate our website launch. We're doing a full week of online events!

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Dance Little Lovers

We brought back an old favourite with a twist. Wanna learn how to wedding dance?

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TurnTable Takeover

The guys rocked the house last night, listen to the full set here...

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