We’re delighted to welcome Wxndchime & Kaobi to perform for Arts Bar Live

Join us on the 17th of August for a special filmed performance by Wxndchime & Kaobi.


‘Wxndchime is a British-Jamaican artist from South London who, much like the musicians who influence her, utilises her music as a tool of expression against injustice. Having lived in both England and Jamaica, her sound which creates allegorical reggae/neo-soul infused melodies, overtly reflects on the Black/Caribbean influence on British society and the reverberations of this. She explains her name as the symbolism of making peaceful noises from collisions. She removes the ‘I’, replacing this with the militancy of ‘X’.

Wxndchime’s debut single ‘Outlaw’ reflects on the police state and the harm it has perpetrated in the Black community, whilst drawing from parallels of the 2020 lockdowns which found us all ’outlaws’.

Her latest release ‘IG’ is a commentary on the ways image and self-surveillance stifle our ability to be free with lyrical intentions to inspire people – most importantly women and girls to overcome this with self-love, and self-belief. The song features North London artist Tape who brings his own experience with state/media surveillance and unlocks another aspect of the theme.

‘Boy Bye’ is her newest single set to release on 15th August. Taking a new but familiar direction, ‘Boy Bye’ isn’t your typical break up song. The track invites listeners on a journey of self-preservation in pursuit of a tropical paradise which leads them away from toxic stresses and limitations of Babylon.

Teaming up with multi-platinum producer Rxwntree for R&B feels with the sound engineering, ‘Boy Bye’ celebrates strength and freedom from patriarchal standards – enriching the soul rather than feeding a harmful system.

The music video brings this concept to life as Wxndchime dances under palm trees in the vibrant streets of Tulum, Mexico delivering visuals which are certain to cause second hand enjoyment.

After seeing them perform at our venue before for the ‘Blackfest Live Lounge’ we are delighted to have an extended set from this brilliant artist, definitely one to watch for the future 👀


KAOBI, formerly known as A.O, is a rapper and singer/songwriter from South East London. With Nigerian heritage, KAOBI accredits his newly acclaimed alias to reflect his cultural identity. The name is of Igbo descent and can be attributed to many meanings, however ‘a manifestation of my heart’s desire’ is the meaning that resonates with the rapper the most, as music has been his heart’s desire from a young age. Effortlessly blending genres (UK rap and alternative r&b forms) KAOBI’s hypnotic sound has led him to create and perform original songs, specifically to celebrate the FIFAe Nations Cup at the O2 Arena in collaboration with Mixtape Madness.

From then, he has gone on to headline at iluvlive at Hoxton Square in 2017 and Leicester in 2018. He also headlined an artist development scheme show called Project Live where he rehearsed and performed with a full band at the 2funky Music Cafe in Leicester 2016.

‘Freshers Flu’ was his debut mixtape released under A.O, in 2019. He has then gone on to release a collection of songs under the title ‘Don’t Sleep Tapes Vol.1’ displaying his ability to amalgamate both genres with the contagious mid tempo ‘On My Own’ incorporating a catchy relatable chorus alongside his sharp wordplay.

KAOBI’s music depicts tales and experiences with raw emotion, telling stories of experiences that feel all too familiar, laying himself bare for the world to see who he truly is.

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