Welcome to Liverpool Arts Bar

The Arts Bar is a fresh, safe, and creative space that strives to support and develop the local artistic scene. Our team endeavour to support diversity, equality & environmental sustainability in everything we do.  

We are proud to promote and celebrate all aspects of the local creative community and offer several ways to help give a platform for artists to showcase their work.

We hang and sell art from a diverse group of local artists and encourage our team to promote this fact to all our customers. We host a variety of inclusive weekly events that celebrate local music, poetry, theatre, comedy and film. We offer any support we can to help with the development of original work and are happy to work with artists at different stages of their careers.

The venue subsidises the hire of our fully functioning, state of the art rehearsal space to all local societies, community groups and creative companies who support similar values to ourselves. We have built strong relationships with independent merchandisers, breweries and food vendors to help support our local economy. By banning plastic straws and only using washable, re-usable glasses we have drastically reduced our use of plastics materials and we make an ongoing effort to shrink our carbon footprint.

Our venue is powered by a biomass boiler that reduces emissions by 96% and we make sure to chose our electrical equipment based on its wattage. as opposed to its price.

In the coming years we hope to bring this platform to communities across the country by developing a wider online audience and opening new sites where possible. We will continue to support the local creative community and will develop new projects and events that can highlight the original work being produced by artists. We will maintain standards in service and company values that reinforce our commitment to equality, diversity and environmental sustainability.