‘Process’ EP Launch

Faye Donna Francis’ Highly Anticipated EP Launch at the Arts Bar Baltic

Faye Donna Francis has quickly gained recognition for her unique blend of captivating vocals, introspective songwriting, and compelling stage presence. Her EP, ‘Process’ is a true reflection of her artistic prowess, showcasing her versatility as a singer-songwriter. With each track crafted meticulously, Faye Donna Francis effortlessly combines heartfelt lyrics with lush melodies, creating an emotional journey that resonates with listeners.

The EP launch at the Arts Bar Baltic will feature an exclusive live performance by Faye Donna Francis, with support from Keeley The Producer, Izzy Campbell and Murgatroyd

Join us for an amazing night of music, talent, and celebration. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the beginning of a remarkable musical journey.

The event is free but it’s expected to be busy! If you would like to a book a table please message us on social media or email at info@artsbarbaltic.com


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