Do you love music like we do? If you have ever visited the Arts Bar, you’ll know we often host live original music from some amazing local talent. We are constantly searching gig listings, looking for groups or artists we have never seen before. The ethos of the Arts Bar was to create a platform where local artists can showcase their work, a space where likeminded people can come together and promote and support artistic endeavours. Which is why we are so excited to have teamed up with such a wonderful creative mind and launch our latest project…

We will be teaming up with the wonderful Meg Shaw, the creator of the ever growing local community project ‘Local & Live’. Previously on the radio, by collaborating with Meg, we will be bringing you a variety of insightful, innovative and interesting content about our local music scene. Arts Bar director, Tom Wilson, said;

“Local & Live has been a great addition to the music scene in recent years. Megs passion and creativity has shone the spotlight on the plethora of wonderful musicians we have in this city. As a grass roots venue our aim has always been to support new and upcoming work and the partnership with Meg and local and live strengthens ours connection and role in the music scene and what it has to offer.”

Tom and the rest of the team are so excited to get the project going, seeing new faces join Meg on the terrace, library or stage for an intimate live session and a chat. Creator of Local & Live, Meg shaw, said;

“I’m super excited to collaborate with Arts Bar, bringing Local and Live right to the centre of the scene! Arts Bar has been so supportive of the project so far; providing space for gigs, sharing content I create and welcoming interviews and meetings at their bar, so working alongside them now is such an honour! We are planning more of everything you love, with more special guests each week, so keep your eyes peeled. (And pop down to the bar to see it live and in action if you’re lucky!)

This partnership will create a big platform for local artists to showcase their original work. You can get such a wide variety of content, every single week. As each week a new guest will join, featuring in a podcast episode, live session, IGTV video, blog post and more. You can find out so much about your favourite artists, new releases, upcoming gigs, festival inside scoops and so much more. With exciting artists already in the pipelines and so much going on in the city at the moment, everyone involved, can’t wait to get started.

Local & Live was launched in August 2020, originally as a weekly radio show but quickly became much more than that. Now, less than two years later, it has hosted 6 live showcase gigs across Liverpool, had two radio shows per week, covered press at festivals and backstage at headline events as well as interviewing a wide range of artists and bands. We are excited to take this project to the next step, with some really exciting artists already lined up for a chat. Keep your eyes peeled on our social platforms or drop us a message for more information. If you are an artist or band and want to get involved, find us on social media and get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you.