Over lockdown 1.0 we ran a weekly event we liked to call our ‘Coffee Mornings’ We talked absolute nonsense live on Facebook to try and give a sense of normality back to everyone who came into our bar! As everything went back to normal we stopped doing them being busy with reopening. We’d previously released the first 3 episodes but we’ve received great feedback on them so thought we’d do the next 3.

Episode 4 involved us going live on Facebook at 11am on Sunday nearly a year ago and talking all things Facebook statuses, tripadvisor reviews, a story about an old man trapped in a lift and meal deal discussions!

Episode 5 involved us talking about our first jobs: making lots of cups of tea, receptioning, stacking shelves in argos, preventing cars being stolen and picking stickers off CDs. We then move onto our favourite topic of conversation – Poo. To finish we talk about if JB would or wouldn’t lick things for a new career.

Episode 6 barely made it on air. We were plagued by zoom failures and technical difficulties. It was all so friend of the show Mikee Dickinson could come on and show us a video of some of our regulars giving us best wishes and thanks for everything we’d done during the time in which we were open. We just want to say A MASSIVE THANKS TO EVERYONE who sent something in as well as you all who listen to the podcast. You’re the reason we do it.

Oh and hear us all fall out at the end hahahaha.