Life is but a dream with Munkey Junkey in the full ‘Library Session’

We couldn’t not ask friend of the show Munkey Junkey to come and try some brand new versions of some amazing tracks we’ve heard before and a few we haven’t!

Ok so… New York, Middle East, Switzerland, London, Birkenhead and most recently South Liverpool. Those different cultures certainly add to the music. In a general sense, Munkey Junkey’s music is a mixture of Childish Gambino, Mid-Late Kanye West with 2nd album Frank Ocean thrown in. As always, honest lyrics put together with clever jazz inspired backing really shows off a modern way of producing music. With this ambitious production style you would expect either a stripped back live set or even just a mellowed version. The opposite could not be truer. Seeing and feeling the energy live is something to experience. He’s got plenty of new music coming up so keep your eyes and ears out!

His set, includes: Cut Me Off(0:00​), Gray(3:00​) Numbness(12:31​) and some exclusive tracks Delhi Glue Kids (5:58)​ & Karma’s A Bitch (8:21)

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