Continuing our week of online events! Tuesday night was the brilliant – Man On Podcast! Alex and Andy streamed live to your houses and discussed all sorts of nonsense and not a lot of football. They also discussed something very important, mental health. Not claiming to be experts the pair just want to raise awareness and encourage people to have the tough conversations with their friends, if they need to.

Listen to the live broadcast here:


You know the age old argument; ‘Scholes, Lampard or Gerrard?’ Well, have you ever thought who would win in a triple threat TLC match up? The lads have got you covered. A poor week for Andy as Valletta suffer 2 defeats in the Premier League but Hibernians keep up the title chase. In this episode the lads discuss how they have been coping in lockdown, how alive Prince Phillip is and they pick their favourite commentary moments of all time.


‘Nuno Espírito Santo manages an all you can eat ‘meat’ buffet, Burnley are the focus in slander hour, things are starting to heat up in the Maltese Premier League and of course, butt plugs in Paris. Tune in for episode 2 of Man On! The Podcast.


‘Sam Allardyce and his new job at Toby Carvery, Pep Guardiola wears Gucci loafers, Igor Biscan is packing a deep secret & Andre Agassi plays up top for Hibernian. Tune in for the first ever episode of Man On! The Podcast.