Ready Steady Remake
36: INTERSTELLAR #053 (Feat. Ben Cosgrove)

We recently had the pleasure of being asked to jump on an amazing podcast – READY STEADY REMAKE. Ben went on as their resident science expert and occasional guest host! Click toward the bottom to have a listen to the worlds greatest podcast!

In the episode they discuss the movie INTERSTELLAR,

‘In the future, where Earth is becoming uninhabitable, farmer and ex-NASA pilot Cooper is asked to pilot a spacecraft along with a team of researchers to find a new planet for humans’.

As always they start with loving it and hating it, well, Rach + Ben loving it and Rich semi hating it. They discuss box office numbers, budget and movie magic. Their next famous segement is Tomo’s Internet Top Ten or TITTs. This week it’s Scientific achievements from the last decade and of course Rich & Rach ridiculous REMAKES!

Tune in, STAY SAFE and do not go gentle into that good night!

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