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#16 – We’re Going To Belgium

We’re continuing our tour around the world in 4 episodes. We recently looked at our statistics for who listens to the podcast and were very surprised to learn that Belgium is in our top 5 most countries that download the podcast. So we thought we’d learn about where our listeners are from and teach the other countries.

Our personal highlights of course include: Falconry, Flemish and Mannequin Pis!

#15 – We’re Going To Korea

We recently looked at our statistics for who listens to the podcast and were very surprised to learn that the Republic of Korea is in our top 5 most downloaded countries. So we thought we’d learn about where our listeners are from.Listen to the boys hearing all about: Love Land, murderous rotary fans and of course BLACKPINK (& BTS)

#14 – The Arts-Barster

Arts-Barster is a British comedy panel podcast show. The podcast stars comedian and actor Andy Roberts in the title role of the Taskmaster, issuing simple comedic and bizarre tasks to three regular contestants – usually comedians – with Benny Horne acting as assistant to Andy and as umpire during the challenges.

#13 – Happy New Pod

What a year! We thought we’d finish it off with a couple of podcasts. A Christmas and New Year Special. Wilsons back in charge and this week he wanted to test us with three games that would also be a look back at 2020 as well as starting 2021 in the right way!

#12 – Merry Arts Bar-mas

What a year! We thought we’d finish it off with a couple of podcasts. A Christmas and New Year Special.We are basically are using Metro’s 13 Christmas Things list and agree, discuss and demolish the list one by one. You may recognise some of our classic Christmas clips from old episodes gone!

#11 – Police Interceptor Surprise

First things first…. Wilson’s in charge and he told us all this episode was going to be on Police Interceptors. It isn’t. Three rounds of a music based episode. Kinky Karaoke, A to Z of bands we’ve seen and closing statements. We had some fun with this guys so please leave us a review if you enjoyed it too!

#10 – We’re All Going On An Arts Bar Holiday

This episode we’re all going on a summer holiday. Wilson’s managed to find some list and we’re looking at the top 10 tourist countries in the world. Ben’s been to all of them, Alex is a wind-up no matter what country he’s in and JB has the best Mexican experience we’ve ever seen!

#9 – Who Wants to be an Arts Bar Billionaire

This episode we’re jumping into TV history here with a non broadcast episode of “Who Wants to be a Billionaire?” Hear the exciting tales of fastest finger first, the choice of lifelines and how 15 questions separates the contestants to 1 BILLION QUID! Our host Ben Tosgrove guides you through a brilliant game featuring the best adverts money could buy! We’d planned on doing a longer one episode here reviewing the TV show Quiz but honestly it took a lot of editing and Wilson’s connection was really bad.

#8 – Oh! You Pretty Little Thing (ft Natalie O’Leary)

This episode we’re in the hands of a professional. Ms Natalie O’Leary host of the Pretty Little Thing podcast – Behind Closed Doors. Ben and Wilson find themselves having to stop being interviewed by one of the best! Everyone gets right back on track to hear how the infamous JMU drama was back in the day and what future plans might hold.

#7 – Songs with a Story

This episode is thanks to Karl Pilkington and the TV Show Glee, we’re deciding how good songs with a Story in them are… We do start serious with a few belters from Bob Dylan, Meatloaf and Eminem but as usual we descend into absolute nonsense by the end. DISCLAIMER – This is probably the funniest ending we’ve ever had to either of our podcasts….

#6 – A Phantom Wilson

A long time ago in a podcast not so far away, that’s right you’ve guessed it. STAR WARS! Wilsons been rewatching all the films on Disney+ and had some questions. We discuss them and our favourite comedy sketches in a galaxy far far away!

#5 – Mindmasters

This week we thought we’d test the boys against each other. Specialist topics include: Liverpool Football club 2000-2020, Arctic Monkeys B-sides and Screws, Screwdriver & Associated Materials.

#4 – The Tiger King

Howdy, We’re the rootin tootin Lieeverpooole Arts Bar. This week ya’ll be talking aboot tha Tigeerrr King and that B**** Carol Baskin. As usual we talk absolute rubbish this week including discussing; how would you fight a bear, septic tanks, meth mouth, drinking games!

#3 – Macca, 2pac & Mind Control

Being our second podcast recorded from isolation it’s been tough but to get us through it we dived into some wild ass theories. What do you think of Flat Earthers, Mind Control, 2pac Shakur and Paul McCartney?

#2 – A Disney Warzone

It’s our first episode recorded remotely in self isolation so you can expect a whole host of brain dumping. Everything from Disney+ to Call of Duty with some Ketchup drinking thrown in for good measure. A massive positive to come out of the lock down is… we love doing them so expect lots more over the coming days and weeks!

#1 – Who, How, What, Why The Arts Bar?

We’ve REBRANDED!!!! Welcome back to your noisey…. we mean…. the new, the fresh, the ARTS BAR PODCAST! In this first episode we set the scene. How did four, adorable, handsome and totally modest lads end up on 22 Hope Street. Well in this first episode. We’ll tell you! Come and join us every week as we talk all things arts and what’s going on in the bar.