Arts Bar Live Miniseries

Every episode; Ben & Wilson talk about the amazing acts that have performed for Arts Bar Live. You can also hear the full audio of the tracks produced by the amazing James Amos…

Blackstar Amps

This ones very special. It’s actually our first sponsored episode. Blackstar Amps have been very kind and partnered with us for our Arts Bar Live & Library Sessions as well as a new event we’re currently planning – a Blackstar Special!


Lily Almond

Last act of this season is Lily Almond. A regular of the bar and amazing singer/songwriter. She’s a regular in the bar so come check her out!



The first act of 2021 is the amazing Hollowbody with their original and dreamy cover…. Enjoy!


Joesphina Amon & Samuel Capper

This episode showcases the very talented Joesphina Amon. She was actually the winner of the Arts Bar Song Competition with her song, ‘Do You See Me Know’ – still available on our Youtube channel. Samuel Capper joins her for this performance and they wrote the original track the night before which is incredible.

Matt Sloan

This episode showcases the brilliant Matt Sloan and while we hadn’t met him prior to this recording he’d featured on friends of the show podcast ‘Ready Steady Remake’! Matt is from the band RIVIA and bring rocky tones and big vocals.


We are overwhelmed by the response to Arts Bar Live – Season Two! So let’s keep rolling ey. Episode two of the miniseries and we’re privileged to bring you AYAs session with us. Anthemic pop songs with Middle Eastern inspired vocals you’re after? Ye… it’s amazing, take a listen.


In this first episode you can hear the full session from an amazing artist and friend of the show – Sola.